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- initial release

- rewrote the collision detection code
  round players work now :-)
- added an ugly menu
- ESC stops the game
- game starts without parameters
  created a standard configuration
  There were Windows guys, who didn't succeed in starting v0.1
- time is displayed in format %d:%02d
- rearranged files in data directory
  so you have to download the data again :-(
- changed the structure of the code from one file to many

- use a configfile (.qpongrc)
- extended the ugly menu
- added window mode

- SPACE interrupts the game
- support for more than two players
- stop game thread, when done
- players can spin the ball (option in configfile only)
- players can accelerate the ball (option in configfile only)
- float values are now read correctly
- players' images can be zoomed (option in configfile only)
- new menu (no options yet)

- new structure of data dir
- balls can rotate
- images of balls can be zoomed
- max angles of balls can be set (to avoid balls are nearly going up and down only)
- new menu with many (but not all) options now

- use qpong theme (it's the default paragui theme at the moment)
- some code changes for win32

- bug fix for win32

- new theme
- make time and score limits work
- number of players and balls can be changed now
- fix some internal event handling in the menu
- fix color depth for background surface
- handle keyboard events as often as ai opponent (thanks to Michael Kriese for reporting this bug)
- new collision detection for balls and players
- values can be linked in menu
- points of balls can be calculated in menu
- new calculation for points of balls
- balls can collide with each other
- number of balls and players can be set in menu

complete object orientated rewrite, now it should be easier to maintain the code and to add features
- new collision detection
- more fps
- angles are not corrected to max_angle immediatly but gradually
- some new options
- added a start screen and a screen that show the scores at the end
- sound
- split config files (different game configurations are included)
- included data
- menu is missing :-(

- a menu to view the options
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