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On this page you will find download links for the latest version of QPong. To see what's new in the latest version take a look at the changelog. Older versions can be found on the sourceforge project page (see Links).

We are looking for people who can compile and package QPong for different distributions! If you are able to do this we would be glad if you contact us, thanks.


Binaries are available for Windows.
Download Windows binaries version 0.7.1 [zip]


The source code (including data package and config files).
Source code version 0.7.1 [bzip2]

Data (old)

The separate QPong data package is only needed for QPong version 0.6 or below. It contains images, fonts and the menu theme used by QPong.
Download data package version 0.4 [bzip2]
Download data package version 0.4 [zip]

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