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June 2003

06/19/2003 QPong 0.5.1 released
Here it is!!! And the win32 works finally.
Now it is not only fun to play but even to configure your game. The new menu using ParaGUI makes it easier and more comfortable to set up the options.
Additionally the game looks better: the balls are rotating.
You need qpong-data-0.3.1 to play.

06/14/2003 QPong 0.5 source released
It's been a long time, but finally here it is. QPong 0.5 with a new nice menu. It is not ready but already better than the old one. Why source? Because we up to now we not have succeeded to compile the source for win32 yet. But we are still trying... You need the new qpong-data-0.3 package.

April 2003

04/02/2003 QPong 0.4 released
Now it starts to be fun. You can spin and accelerate the balls. If nobody wants to be beaten by you anymore, you can now let the AI beat you ;-)
You still need qpong-data-0.2 to play.

March 2003

03/19/2003 QPong 0.3 released
Now you can configure nearly everything in the menu. You need qpong-data-0.2 to play.

February 2003

02/15/2003 QPong 0.2 released
Sources and win binaries are available. You need qpong-data-0.2.* to play.

January 2003

02/01/2003 QPong 0.1 released
The first version of QPong is now available. There are the sources and windows binaries. You also need the qpong-data-0.1 to play the game.

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