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QPong - Another clone of the known game pong. It uses SDL and is tested on Linux and Windows, but other OSes should work, too. It has some nice graphics. Network support will be included soon. It is very flexible. You can configure images, sizes, speed and shape of pads and balls. The most important thing: It's fun to play.

Latest News

10/08/2004 QPong 0.7.1 released

05/18/2004 QPong 0.7 released
After a long time a new release is out now. What has changed? Everything and nothing. This release is a complete object orientated rewrite and I added some sounds. The menu is gone :-( Because the configuration is stored in many different files in a completely different way now. But this version is faster. Try it.

08/16/2003 QPong 0.6 released
It's been a long time since the last release, but things are going on.
You can can set a time or score limit and change number of players and balls now.
With the new theme the menu appears even nicer.
Another change that makes it funnier to play QPong: Balls can collide with each other. Give it a try.
Take a look at the changelog for full description of all changes.

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